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Preparing for Winter Weather. To read more information please click here.

Communication with families
It is important for families to know how the our district will communicate when a school day is impacted by a closure or a delay due to weather.  

  1. District autodial call:  This automated call will go to each family and staff member in the district.  It is critical that families have their updated phone number in Infinite Campus. You can also manage your account to receive texts and emails.
  2. District Facebook and Twitter.  Are you following us?
  3. District website. 

How will we make our decision to delay or close schools?
Road conditions across the district vary greatly and we make our decision to delay or close school based on our ability to drive buses safety across all parts of the district.  The Superintendent and Transportation staff begin monitoring roads at 5 a.m. The Superintendent weighs all input from our staff and ultimately makes the decision to delay or close schools.

When will we make our decision to delay or close schools?
If possible, we prefer to make the decision to delay or close schools the night before so that families can make alternate arrangements.  Sometimes conditions that warrant closing or delaying don’t happen until the morning. In those situations, we will try to make the decision no later than 6 a.m. in order to stop buses from starting their routes, to notify media, and to communicate out to families.  We also consult with neighboring districts when making our decision.  

Winter safety reminders
  1. Leave earlier.  Don’t be in a rush.
  2. Dress warm.  Have winter survival kit in vehicle.

Thank you in advance for understanding our decision-making processes and for developing your own plan at home to stay safe in poor weather conditions. 

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